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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Wishing  all of you a Blessed and Happy Christmas and New Year.

I am off camping with my family for 10 days or so without internet connection. See you when I’m back.

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Red and Green Pesto – gluten and dairy free

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Do you love pesto? I do. Especially when it’s made with basil.  Today I made the green pesto. I made it with rocket and coriander because that is what I have in my garden. I prefer basil but that’s a tricky plant to grow in my 42 degrees south garden without a glass house. My second choice for green pesto is coriander and I grow lots of coriander. Right now most of it is going to seed – it has lovely white flowers and will re-seed itself beautifully so I love it going to seed too. But going to seed coriander doesn’t supply my green pesto needs very well. You can even use parsley. This is how I made it today:

Green Pesto 

4 cups greenery (3 cups rocket and 1 cup coriander)

I 1/4 cups roasted almonds (I usually use cashews but I was out today)

juice of one lemon

salt to taste ( I like herbamare)

2 tbsp olive oil

Mix together in food processor until well blended. You might need to use a spatula to wipe down the sides of your processor part way through. Eat with crackers or vegetable slices or use in your favourite pesto dishes. Refrigerate.

I made the red pesto a couple of days ago. I’d being thinking for a couple of weeks I needed a red pesto recipe. Last week when I went to a Thermomix demo – lo and behold – red pesto. Thanks Genevieve! This is my approximation of Genevieve’s recipe:

Red Pesto

1 cup sun-dried tomatoes

1 red capsicum – seeded and sliced in to segments

1 cup salted cashews

salt to taste

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 1/2 tbsp olive oil

Process in food processor until well combined. Use a spatula to wipe down sides of processor part way through. Enjoy! Refrigerate. Use as for green pesto.

The crackers in the photo above are Tahini & Wholegrain mustard crackers from EatDrinkPALEO and they are pretty good too.

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Two cheesecakes -both grain, dairy and cane sugar free

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In the middle of January my daughter is getting married. Family members of the groom are doing most of the catering for a garden tea party reception. Members of my family are the ones with the diet issues so we get to make the food we can eat.

For a while I’ve being eyeing the Raspberry cheesecake with chocolate crust over at Wholefood simply and so as a practice for the upcoming wedding, I made this for our church luncheon yesterday. Because we went strawberry picking at Sorell Fruit Farm last week, we used fresh strawberries rather than the frozen raspberries. It’s quite rich even though it has no added sweetener so a little goes a fair way. It has a reasonable firm texture so it doesn’t need freezing.

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Today I made this Mango Cheesecake from Jules Galloway. We’re saving it for our Christmas lunch though I cut and decorated this piece so I could share it with you. I know it’s yummy because two little boys and I licked the bowl. It’s a little less firm than the strawberry one above so it’s better frozen and then pulled from the freezer about 20 minutes prior to serving. I’ll be remaking this one for the wedding too though I might add some agar agar to firm it up a little. What are you making for Christmas dessert?

mini Christmas puddings

We invited friends over for dinner a couple of days ago. Between us we required gluten, chicken, fructose and dairy free food. It is hard to cater to everyone! They offered to bring a dessert which I readily accepted. They bought some mini-christmas puddings that looked pretty awesome but guess who couldn’t eat them! If you are like me sometimes not being able to eat something results in attempts to recreate it. The result was these

christmas pudd with textP1010978 with text

Totally different to my friend’s recipe but similar look and they taste pretty awesome. I used a mini christmas pudding recipe from Wholefoodsimply. Instead of making them into little muffin cakes, I rolled them into balls and topped them with some homemade white chocolate from Bittersweet  (here the only change I made was to use coconut milk powder. This probably made the texture slightly grainier than intended but not noticeable atop the puddings.)  1/2 a glazed cherry atop the white chocolate. Hmm – yum, now if I can just hide them long enough to last more than a few days…