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Two cheesecakes -both grain, dairy and cane sugar free


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In the middle of January my daughter is getting married. Family members of the groom are doing most of the catering for a garden tea party reception. Members of my family are the ones with the diet issues so we get to make the food we can eat.

For a while I’ve being eyeing the Raspberry cheesecake with chocolate crust over at Wholefood simply and so as a practice for the upcoming wedding, I made this for our church luncheon yesterday. Because we went strawberry picking at Sorell Fruit Farm last week, we used fresh strawberries rather than the frozen raspberries. It’s quite rich even though it has no added sweetener so a little goes a fair way. It has a reasonable firm texture so it doesn’t need freezing.

P1020036 with text

Today I made this Mango Cheesecake from Jules Galloway. We’re saving it for our Christmas lunch though I cut and decorated this piece so I could share it with you. I know it’s yummy because two little boys and I licked the bowl. It’s a little less firm than the strawberry one above so it’s better frozen and then pulled from the freezer about 20 minutes prior to serving. I’ll be remaking this one for the wedding too though I might add some agar agar to firm it up a little. What are you making for Christmas dessert?


3 thoughts on “Two cheesecakes -both grain, dairy and cane sugar free

  1. Thanks for the mention! If you want to firm it up a little, some melted cacao butter might do the trick too 🙂

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