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Red and Green Pesto – gluten and dairy free

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Do you love pesto? I do. Especially when it’s made with basil.  Today I made the green pesto. I made it with rocket and coriander because that is what I have in my garden. I prefer basil but that’s a tricky plant to grow in my 42 degrees south garden without a glass house. My second choice for green pesto is coriander and I grow lots of coriander. Right now most of it is going to seed – it has lovely white flowers and will re-seed itself beautifully so I love it going to seed too. But going to seed coriander doesn’t supply my green pesto needs very well. You can even use parsley. This is how I made it today:

Green Pesto 

4 cups greenery (3 cups rocket and 1 cup coriander)

I 1/4 cups roasted almonds (I usually use cashews but I was out today)

juice of one lemon

salt to taste ( I like herbamare)

2 tbsp olive oil

Mix together in food processor until well blended. You might need to use a spatula to wipe down the sides of your processor part way through. Eat with crackers or vegetable slices or use in your favourite pesto dishes. Refrigerate.

I made the red pesto a couple of days ago. I’d being thinking for a couple of weeks I needed a red pesto recipe. Last week when I went to a Thermomix demo – lo and behold – red pesto. Thanks Genevieve! This is my approximation of Genevieve’s recipe:

Red Pesto

1 cup sun-dried tomatoes

1 red capsicum – seeded and sliced in to segments

1 cup salted cashews

salt to taste

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 1/2 tbsp olive oil

Process in food processor until well combined. Use a spatula to wipe down sides of processor part way through. Enjoy! Refrigerate. Use as for green pesto.

The crackers in the photo above are Tahini & Wholegrain mustard crackers from EatDrinkPALEO and they are pretty good too.

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