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Chocolate Mmmm…

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There are few people who don’t like chocolate. I find I can’t eat too much as it keeps me awake but I still like it.

P1020319 with text

Last weekend I made some chocolate covered lychees with ginger stuffing for a bridal shower. Very yum and quite simple with only those 3 ingredients needed. My recipe came from ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook’. Perhaps you have a copy too. (I googled and found lots of places to purchase including copies on ebay.)

gluten free fork

gluten free fork

I used fair trade chocolate because I was horrified a few years ago to learn that within much of the production of chocolate involved child slavery and the atrocities associated with such practices. By buying fair trade we can support those companies with more ethical practices and still enjoy the luxury of chocolate too.

gluten free fork

gluten free fork

If you have not heard of the slavery connected to chocolate or you have never investigated it, here are a few links for you to check out.

YouTube video ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate’ – a few years old but a good starting point:

World Vision’s slavery and chocolate page with some undated details on some chocolate companies and their slavery free status:

It isn’t a big step to switch to fair traded chocolate but it is a step that will contribute to making the world a fairer place. Even those companies whose true goal is making the most money are influenced by the dictates of the consumer – make your ‘voice’ count.


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