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mini Christmas puddings

We invited friends over for dinner a couple of days ago. Between us we required gluten, chicken, fructose and dairy free food. It is hard to cater to everyone! They offered to bring a dessert which I readily accepted. They bought some mini-christmas puddings that looked pretty awesome but guess who couldn’t eat them! If you are like me sometimes not being able to eat something results in attempts to recreate it. The result was these

christmas pudd with textP1010978 with text

Totally different to my friend’s recipe but similar look and they taste pretty awesome. I used a mini christmas pudding recipe from Wholefoodsimply. Instead of making them into little muffin cakes, I rolled them into balls and topped them with some homemade white chocolate from Bittersweet  (here the only change I made was to use coconut milk powder. This probably made the texture slightly grainier than intended but not noticeable atop the puddings.)  1/2 a glazed cherry atop the white chocolate. Hmm – yum, now if I can just hide them long enough to last more than a few days…